Khersonskaya ulitsa residential block

St. Petersburg is at a very dynamic phase with many new buildings converting central locations. The historical city has understandably very strict planning regulations. Still many of the new historicist buildings have a very alienating sensibility. The site is only one block east of the bottom end of Nevski prospekt, the main high street of the city. However it is also at the edge of the industrial belt, now often called Leningrad in honour of the era when most of the area was built.

The perimeter block will be reinstated onsite, with two separate taller buildings located centrally mid-block. Three new buildings along the Khersonskaya and Alexandra Nevskogo streets continue this traditional structure of the city, reinventing its fenestration, mullions and décor. The literality of the surrounding modern buildings and the metaphors of the classicist ornaments will gain a new approach to mediate with. The melancholic atmosphere of these streets will have a happier tone here.

The buildings have their expressive side face the streets, where the public ground floor has a more extravagant, persuasive look fit for commercial use. Select apartments have balconies also to the street side to create a lively residential interface. All apartments have a large terrace opening to the courtyard. The courtyard building has an expression of stronger individuality. Each floor has its unique form, reacting to its height and direction. Each apartment has a large terrace, convertible into a large glazed conservatory. The top third of the building faces impressive views over central St. Petersburg along Nevski prospect to the west, over the Alexander Nevskij Square to the south and of the Neva river immediately to the east.

NAME: Khersonskaya ulitsa 43/12 residential block

TYPE: Invited competition, 2012 1st prize

STATUS: Concluded

LOCATION: St. Petersburg

CLIENT: O2 Development

PROGRAM: Five 7-12-story-tall apartment buildings and a garage, 45,000 m2 total

TEAM: ALA partners Juho Grönholm, Antti Nousjoki, Janne Teräsvirta, Samuli Woolston with Vladimir Ilic and Auvo Lindroos

COLLABORATORS: VIZarch (renderings)