Suurpelto III

The aim of the new project is to bring totally new housing typologies into the relatively conservative Finnish suburban housing scheme; to create more ecological, diverse and characteristic living surroundings. This is achieved by creating compact but flexible city structure with only two different plot sizes where density can vary significantly. With this system the structure and density of the whole area can be varied easily.

The concept of the area is also based on creative traffic design. The traffic system adds pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles into one unified stream. The Henttaanlaakso area will have only one large slow-speed street area with mixed traffic, where according to research drivers act more carefully than in typical street systems. One big shared courtyard meanders between the houses; only passing traffic and public traffic are on separate lanes.

Large variety of apartments is achieved with different housing typologies. Catalyzing ecological lifestyle has also been one of the goals of the project; making self-sufficient living possible both on levels of individuals and the housing area. Compact city structure, energy effi cient buildings, self-monitored water & energy consumption and shared recycling facilities help to achieve this goal. Local energy sources including geothermal heating reduce the area’s carbon footprint significantly.

Supporting the sense of community is strenghtened with multiple shared areas and facilities. The area’s rich biota is supported by building preservation areas among the community. Playgrounds and parks connected with shared courtyards create a lively new housing area.

NAME: Development Plan for Suurpelto III Residential Area

TYPE: Invited Competition, 2008, 1st prize

STATUS: Concluded
LOCATION: Espoo, Finland

CLIENT: City of Espoo

PROGRAM: 40,000 m2 of housing

TEAM: Juho Grönholm, Antti Nousjoki, Janne Teräsvirta, Samuli Woolston with Roberto Aparicio, Jan Galecki, Aleksi Niemeläinen

COLLABORATORS: Neteffect (sociology), Movense (interaction design), Trafix (traffic planning), VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (sustainability), Skanska (developer).